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Why Choose Smart Pergolas: Top Benefits & Features

Customers are falling in love with our smart motorized pergolas because they offer a range of benefits and features that transform their outdoor space to an optimal outdoor living space. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a smart struXure over the standard pergola:

1. Convenience: StruXure smart motorized pergolas can be controlled remotely or through voice command, making it easy to adjust the amount of shade, light, and ventilation they provide without having to manually manipulate the structure. Set your ‘favorite’ position for an easy command using Alexa, or through the mobile app from your phone.

2. Energy Efficiency: StruXure Designs are engineered to be energy efficient. They can automatically adjust the amount of shade and ventilation to help regulate temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning or heating in the outdoor area. This can lead to energy savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

3. Customization: Our smart pergolas have options for various customizable features, such as adjustable louvers, built-in LED lighting, and integrated sound systems. Customers can tailor these elements to create the perfect ambiance for their outdoor space.

4. Weather Protection: Our StruXure designs are equipped with wind sensors that automatically adjust to allow wind to move freely throughout the system to minimize uplift during high wind conditions providing shelter and protection from natural elements.

5. Integration with Smart Home Systems: Our smart pergolas are compatible with smart home systems, allowing users to control them through voice commands or smartphone apps. This integration enhances the overall smart home experience and makes it easier to manage outdoor living spaces.

6. Increased Property Value: Smart motorized pergolas add value to a property by enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of outdoor spaces. They can make a home more appealing to potential buyers, especially if they are well-designed and integrated with the overall landscape.

7. Design: Our smart pergolas have a sleek and modern design and are built to last! Units are made of fully extruded aluminum components with an upgraded powder coat finish and stainless-steel hardware to provide the most durable louvered pergolas system on the market today.

8. Longevity: Our StuXure Designs are built to last and can withstand various weather conditions, which means they offer long-term durability and require minimal maintenance. We offer yearly complementary spring cleanup including gutter cleaning of your design and a limited lifetime warranty which is transferable should you sell your home or business.

9. Versatility: Smart pergolas can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, including patios, decks, gardens, and poolside areas. Their versatility allows homeowners and business owners to create functional and attractive outdoor living/dining spaces.

10. Entertainment and Comfort: With integrated features like lighting, audio systems, and adjustable louvers, smart pergolas provide an ideal setting for entertainment and relaxation. They can create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends.

In summary, people choose smart pergolas because they offer durability, innovation, customization, and weather protection. These features enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor living spaces, adding value to properties, while also providing a versatile and comfortable environment for relaxation and entertainment.

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