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Danny Lewis


Danny became a StruXure Outdoor dealer in 2019. He has been a successful business owner and builder for over 33 years. Danny started his construction career at a young age, framing houses as a teenager to creating several subdivisions, custom single-family homes, and multi-family homes throughout Massachusetts. Beyond construction, Danny also devoted 36 years (retired in July 2023) to the Franklin Fire Department, caring for the safety and well-being of the citizens of the community he grew up in. He has a passion for helping people and that passion extends beyond his fire and rescue career. It also includes the desire to help people enjoy their lives to their maximum potential by building them homes and outdoor spaces of their dreams.

Danny Lewis
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Tammy Lewis

Co-Owner/Business Manager

Tammy started StruXure by Shaded Spaces with Danny in 2019. When she came across StruXture Outdoors she knew that their Motorized Pergolas were going to be something that clients would want, to add a level of luxury and comfort to their outdoor living space all year round. Tammy has over 24 years of experience working as a real estate agent in Franklin, MA. She has helped all types of clients achieve their real estate goals, and she hopes that with StruXure by Shaded Spaces she can help more clients extend their love for their home beyond the indoors.

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