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Meet The Founder of Shaded Spaces

I'd like to introduce myself! 


My name is Daniel J Lewis and I'm the founder of "Shaded Spaces". I've been in construction since my teenage years. I began my career framing houses and working with family members in the field.  After working a variety of areas throughout the construction industry, I decided it was time to acquire my builder's license. I did so in the early 1990's to start my own business.  My portfolio consists of building several subdivisions, custom single-family homes and multifamily homes throughout the years. 

 Unexpectedly, I came across an ad on Facebook from StruXure Outdoor. I was so impressed with the results of my extensive research on the company and their motorized pergolas, that I decided to travel to Georgia for training to become a dealer for StruXure.  A decision well made! 


Beyond construction, first and far most, I have been and I still am a devoted firefighter for the past 35 years. I have a passion for helping people and that passion extends beyond my fire and rescue career.  It also includes the desire to help people enjoy their lives to their maximum potential by building them homes and now outdoor spaces they have always dreamed of. 

I'm a true believer of the StruXure products because of their exceptional quality, functionality, appearance and the ability to customize them to meet your needs and accommodate the outdoor space we construct them on. Smart technology that makes your outdoor space just as good, if not better than your indoor space. 

Are you ready to make your outdoor dreams come true?  I'm ready to help you!

Call me for more information. 



Danny Lewis
Daniel J Lewis
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