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The sky's the limit

What are these pergola systems made of?

The systems are made with Powder Coated, Extruded Aluminum, which means each piece of Aluminum is heated to a specific temperature and put through a machine that forms the desired shape, then sprays a powder coating of color finish to complete the process. The powder coating is to not only add color but also aids in the prevention of corrosion to the metal. 

Is there a warranty?

You can find all the warranty information on our website in the warranty section. 

Will I need a permit to install a StruXure Pergola?

Every town is different with their permitting requirements. We will pull any necessary permits. 

Can I attach the system to my house?

The systems can be mounted to a structure, but a site visit will be required to verify the ability to do so. 

How are these mounted to the ground?

Each application is different, depending on the site. We are able to mount the posts to a variety of bases. A few examples are, wood or composite decking, patio block (we will remove the blocks in the location of the post & pour footings, then cut the block to fit around the posts when complete), concrete, earth applications will require concrete footings to be poured. 

Can I get general pricing on a basic unit?

There really isn't a basic unit price since these are all custom sized with custom finishes.

A site visit will be required for measurements and to discuss trim and any options to be added on. 

Can I order through you and install myself or have my contractor install? 

This is not an order only product. The warranty will be voided out completely if anyone other than the dealer or his crew do any step of the installation process, other than the electrical. 

Can I use my own electrician?

Yes, as long as they have an in-person meeting with the dealer to discuss where they can and cannot drill into. This could result in leaking if the system is drilled into the wrong location. 

Where does the rainwater go?

The Pergola X systems all have gutter systems built into the frame, that directs the water down the posts and into either the ground or into whatever system the homeowner might request it be tied into. 

How is the Cabana X different from the Pergola X systems?

The Cabana X is 10X10 only and does not have a gutter system. Cabana X can have the offered features added to it to enhance the space (curtains, screens, lighting, fans, power strip panel, back & side privacy panels, color options, trim options, built-in benches, etc. 

What is the lead time from ordering to installation completion?

This depends on the time of year and order volume in the factory. We have experienced as soon as 4 weeks to as long as 12 weeks. 

Can I start with a basic system and add to it later?

Yes. The beauty of Pergola X is the ability to add on features and or sections if the site allows for it. Some clients have completely closed in their designs with solid glass panels to create additional living space. 

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