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Don't Waste That Outdoor Space

Don't waste that outdoor space!

Are you looking at your back yard from inside the house? The heat can be unbearable on those concrete or patio block areas. Or maybe you love to cook on the grill, but you can't take the sun beating on you while you cook. Does this sound familiar? We have a solution for you!

Now you can shade your outdoor space to protect it from the hot sun. Hold on.... we have more!!!!! StruXure Pergolas have motorized louvres that allow you to shade your space, but you also have the option of slightly or fully opening the louvres to allow the warmth of the sun when it's desired. How AMAZING is that???

These are a few pictures from a recently completed 17'x17' design in Needham, MA.

The homeowners are thrilled with their new StruXure Pergola. They stated that we just added to their living space ... Outdoor living space, of course!

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