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Smart Pergolas - Elevating Space in Newport, RI

StruXure by Shaded Spaces is excited to announce we will now be offering our products to business and residential owners in Newport, Rhode Island! Newport, say hello to the future of outdoor living! Our smart pergola designs are custom designed to expand your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis that can be used all year round.

StruXure by Shaded Spaces designs seamlessly blend innovation with timeless elegance, transforming your outdoor area into a versatile and tech-savvy retreat. What makes these pergolas smart, you ask? Picture this: adjustable louvers controlled by the touch of a smartphone, built-in weather sensors, LED lighting, heating, fans, and more. All built with powder coated extruded aluminum built to last! Lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, non-corrosive, non-combustible, powder coated finish. These units are nothing like standard pergolas you’ve seen before. Our units are built to withstand all types of harsh weather.

Business owners, what does this mean for you? Expanding your dining space to a higher customer capacity that can be used ALL YEAR ROUND! Yes even in New England, on the coast. Capture your drive by audience with eye catching, changeable recessed lighting. Create a trending atmosphere with heaters, TVs, and fans that leave customers wanting to enjoy the Newport weather all night long.

Homeowners, what does this mean for you? Creating an outdoor oasis that can be used all year round, increasing the value of your property and technology integrations that are compatible with smart home devices creating the ultimate, “Smart Home”. We are licensed to custom build custom decking, patios, accessory buildings, or modifications to accommodate your home and StruXure design.

So, Newport, RI are you ready to take your property to the NEXT LEVEL? Contact us today to schedule your no obligation consultation to discuss how we can transform your outdoor space, expand your outdoor dining areas, and get ready to WOW visitors and customers with our innovative designs.

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